Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My latest Obsession: Amigurumi

Recently, I stumbled upon the Japanese art of crochet called Amigurumi when i was "googling" for craft ideas. Amigurumi is a Japanese word combination of ami, meaning crocheted or knitted and nuigurumi which means stuffed doll. So, in short it is stuffed crocheted or knitted dolls.

It was so interesting that I had to learn all the basics needed to crochet. Luckily, I found hook and needle, a blog with video tutorials for visual learners like me! Since then, I have been doing ami and trying to create my own pattern.

One of the earliest ami piece I did, "Amigurumi Alien" by lion brand. It doesn't look very much like the pattern provided I know. Got a lot of comments like, "Ee, a banana!" or "A corn!".

Love birds, pattern by lion brand.

Ami lamb and mouse keychain, presents for my besties.

Koala bear head keychain, by some pattern I found online.

Little Turtlie, my very own ami pattern.

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