Friday, June 4, 2010

Ex Craft project: Part II

The colourful world of threads and aida cloths, which have been dearly sewn to my heart since the age of 10.These are the few cross stitch pieces that were "privileged" to be kept as a record by means of photography, in recent years.

A plain pouch which I made for my sis to keep her earphones in, with her name stitched at the bottom.

The other side of the pouch, with my name sewn at the bottom.

Handphone pouch which I made for myself.
Front: Little girl praying.

Back: Little girl with her pet kitten.

A handphone hanger: A purple kitty that I made for my dear mom.

Another hand phone hanger, made for the BF. with his name and zodiac sign, Capricorn.

A chinese pouch pattern with the word "Fu". It was meant to be another hand phone hanger but it was meant as a gift to my dear grandma, so I added the extra bit of "ru yi jie" on top so that she can hang by the bed. The hardest part of the whole stitching was the Chinese character...Didn't know how to go about it at first. Took me quite a while.

A pillow case which I made for the BF as the 2nd anniversary present last year. Only pillow case, pillow not included. So, he had to get it himself. Muahahaha (evil laughter)...


  1. Sooo cute...i fel like 12 order from you much u 12 charge??? haha...

  2. haha, i dunno la Pei Li. Haven't thought of selling my cross stitch work...Let you know when i am ready to sell k? hehe..

  3. nice.. love the xs at the pillow case